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We run various weekly breakfast and lunch networking groups across the North East. Our main objective is to keep our groups as relaxed as possible without too many rules or regulations so that all of our members feel comfortable. Through our meetings we aim to empower a group of like minded business people to grow their network and reach their goals.

We work with a range of different businesses in our groups. Some big, some small, some have been around for years whilst others are brand new! No matter where you're at with your business we will support you all the way. We promote collaborative working with all of our groups, so there'll always be someone who can help you with your needs.

We try to make our networking groups different by not only creating business together, but also by ensuring that our groups get to know each other on a social level as well. We provide regular monthly socials and parties to ensure that our members become friends as well as business professionals, whether that be having meals, drinks tasting, bowling, barbecues, or just a good night out!

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